Can you print the Watch List?

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My mother died in Oct.  So I added the tickers from her broker statement to a watch list.  Pretty cool.  Then I could get the prices for date of death for when the broker sells them.  So how can I print this?   I guess I could just print this screen shot


  • q_lurker
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    Ctrl-P from that portfolio view should do it.  Or the File / Print Portfolio path.  
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    That worked.  Thanks!  Glad my 2013 started updating quotes again.  Don't suppose I can get both the Oct quote/cost and the current price/value unless I actually buy a share in quicken.  Maybe I'll set up another file just for that.
  • q_lurker
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    Glad my 2013 started updating quotes again.  

    All I can say to that is WOW.

    If you are getting quotes downloaded, for your watch list entries, you do not need to own a share.

    But you could possibly create a Separate investment account, Add Shares for the actual number of shares your mother owned and have more current and accurate gain/loss determinations made.  

  • volvogirl
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    They turned off the Quote update for QW2013 around Oct. 11, 2019.  Seems like around Nov 12, 2019 they also found an old server or loophole that let QW2012 users still download quotes.   BUT on 9/10/2020 I tried downloading quotes on my QW2013 Premier and it worked and filled in a lot of random dates back to Oct 2019!  There was some issue and lots of posts I guess when they turned off new version quotes around Aug so they turned it back on for everyone.  
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    Quicken's "turning off" of online features has always been somewhat "spotty".

    Basically it looks like at least in the older versions of Quicken there isn't anything in Quicken itself that turns these off.  What seems to be done is some switch on the servers.  And we all know that they have not actually flipped that switch on all the servers from time to time.  I have notice that Quicken 2017 will actually update to its last patch version during an install.
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    Note also that if you are downloading quotes now for October you will only get Friday prices.
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