Setting Up Direct Connect with Suntrust Bank



  • MilonavLkc
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    Good news... With the latest QM update version 6.1.1, the problem is fixed. I was able to reestablish the Bank Bill Pay method with SunTrust thru Direct Connect. Now it works and hope it stays this way.
  • > @donpjr said:
    > Boatnmaniac. You're a godsend. I stumbled on this thread looking for a solution to exactly this problem with Suntrust. Your solution worked. Of course it should have been obvious. Just fake a changed password and do a Ctrl-shift enter that nobody knows about and it works. Well done Quicken. I'm so frustrated with this software. Currently rebuilding a 20 year old corrupt data file that will result in me losing years of valuable data. They need a competitor. Anyway thanks Boatnmaniac.

    same!!! thank you!
  • TechnoJock
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    Well Fargin Icehole! - @Boatnmaniac suggestion of ctrl+shift+enter worked! I had given up trying to get my SunTrust transactions from within Quicken for Windows (Quicken for Mac is a totally different and sore topic). Thanks!
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