Auto Category for multiple transaction amounts from One Bank

Enhancement request for re-occurring transaction. I have 12 biweekly transaction that are withdrawn by the same Bank but different amounts that go into different accounts. Quicken is unable to auto categorize for me because it only allows 1 auto categorize by the same bank. So I have to manually categorize each one of these transaction bi-weekly. I would need Quicken to recognize the Bank Name and the particular amount and then auto categorize into the account by name and account


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    Hi @Leopold_Butters

    Can you please provide some additional information that will help us to understand the issues you are having?

    Are these "12 biweekly payments" that you bank is making "automatic payments" that you've set-up on your bank's website or if not, how does this process work.  When you download these transactions, does the bank send payment details for each? 

    You said "Quicken is unable to auto categorize for me because it only allows 1 auto categorize by the same bank." - can you explain this with some more details, because my understanding is that no such limit exists.

    Get back to us and we'll go from there.


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    I think I sort of understand what is going on.

    Each of these transactions are withdraws that all have the same payee, maybe something like "Withdraw".
    Since Quicken's renaming rules/memorized payees are global, you can't have different ones for different accounts.

    Normally the workaround would be that you have reminders setup for each of these and Quicken matches the transaction in the register based on the amount and therefore get the right category.  But the amounts vary, so the matching will not work.

    There use to be a suggestion that what was needed is to be able to have a field in the renaming rule where it can be restricted to one or more accounts.  Once that is done you can then then have memorized payees based on the different payees you would have for different accounts, and get the category you want.

    But I can't find that suggestion.
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