R32.10 will not install on Windows 10 64-bit with expired subscription [edited]

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My subscription expired in April of 2021. I want to continue using Quicken but without updates and purchasing a subscription. I followed the documented steps but when I launch the EXE for R32.10 (QW27.1.32.10MPatch.EXE) nothing happens. I have Quicken installed on my D drive and not the default C drive.

When I launch Quicken I get the dialog box telling my subscription has expired. When I close the dialog box Quicken terminates.


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    I edited your title to clarify the issue
    QWin Premier subscription
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    The problem might be that the install for Quicken they give is already the current one, and they are expecting the patch to reverse the version to the older version.  The problem with that idea is that the patches are designed to forward patch, not reverse patch.  In limited cases reverse patching might work, but it isn't something they should be relying on.

    First use this procedure to remove the old install:
    Using QcleanUI to Fix Installation Issues with Quicken for Windows

    Then install Quicken with the follow install, with your network connection disabled (so it can't update to the latest version).  And then install the R32.10 patch.

    Hopefully that will work.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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