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I had a mutual fund, BRIDGEWAY BLUE CHIP 35 INDEX FUND, that was converted to an ETF last year. I have since sold the ETF last year also.

This fund keeps showing up in the Investing/ Portfolio Value & Cost report with a current date. However it does not show up in the other Portfolio Value report.

The last transaction in the register was a Remove Shares action done by the Mutual Fund Conversion routine.

How do I get rid of this Fund in my reports?


  • Tom Young
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    Hopefully that ETF is showing up with 0 shares?

    If that's the case then that Portfolio Value & Cost report is customizable as to what securities are presented, so, presumably you can customize the report to NOT show that ETF.

    It is a bit odd that the ETF shows up in the first place. Is this report one that you've customized and saved in the past? If so, Quicken updates have been know to mess up reports saved in previous versions and the typical advise here is to rebuild the report from scratch.

    It wouldn't hurt to do a {Ctrl}-z in the Account that contained that ETF to see if that affects anything.

  • Jim_Harman
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    I have a couple of securities that I sold long ago that also appear in this report, with a few pennies of cost basis and zero value in the report.. Apparently these is some tiny fraction of a share that was never sold or removed from the account. Do you see the same?

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  • DRMick
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    Yes, thanks for answering this. I experimented with some buy and sell transactions to see if I could fix it but no luck. I have several security with that problem,

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