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In this article there is no information informing the user where the validated Quicken file is located - the original Quicken file location or the VALIDATE folder. I'm told in another article that the validated file will be placed in the original Quicken file location but I had to perform a forum search in order to learn this.

Would you please update this article with this information?



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    The Validate (or Supervalidate) process first puts a copy of the original file into the \Quicken\Validate folder, as a pre-Validate backup. It then replaces the original file with the updated file.
    Should the Validate process fail with an unrecoverable error message or crash Quicken, your data file should now be considered unusable. You can always move the file in \Quicken\Validate to the \Quicken folder, to replace the bad data file with the pre-Validate copy and be back to where you started from.

  • MSStateDawg
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    Thanks. Per my post, that's exactly what I understood was happening.

    My post is about requesting that this information be added to the article. As mentioned, I had to discover this by searching the forum.

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    Hello @MSStateDawg,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    I have sent this over to my team to be further investigated and remedied as needed.

    Have a wonderful day!

    -Quicken Jasmine

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