Quicken Premier 2017 for Windows not downloading transactions from Keybank


Issue started 6-18/19-2023. No error messages. I tried resetting and then deactivating/reactivating. Both process seemed to work and said Quicken had successfully downloaded transactions yet no transactions appeared.

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  • splasher
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    Subscription Quicken (2018+ in US, 2017+ in Cdn) are the only versions that support online banking (downloads).

    Unless you are Cdn, you shouldn't be able to download.

    Please confirm your version by going to Help→About Quicken.

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  • daniel baer
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    Version is Quicken Premier for Windows Subscription, not 2017.

  • daniel baer
    daniel baer Member ✭✭

    One more reset and It's working now. Successfully downloaded the last six days' transactions.

  • NotACPA
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    But the title of this thread says 2017 … thus the reply that you rejected.

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