Discover Bank no longer supporting Quicken

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I just heard from Discover Bank that Quicken and Discover Bank jointly agreed to terminate their relationship. This means that we can no longer sync Discover Bank with Quicken. We have to manually enter and reconcile all transactions. This is not good news.

When I try to do an update, I don't get an error, but I don't get transactions either. An attempt to reset the account just puts me in a sign in error loop. 😆


  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @tecramer@,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community.

    To clarify; Discover Bank no longer supports Direct Connect and Web Connect 2-step downloads; meaning downloading a QFX file from their website and importing it to Quicken. However, automatic downloads via Express Web Connect is still supported, though it is experiencing a known connection issue that is actively being worked on by our teams.

    All information and updates for this known issue on Express Web Connect with Discover Bank can be found in this Community Alert.

    Hope this clarifies things! Thank you.

    -Quicken Anja
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  • markus1957
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    FWIW, when I have lost Discover Card access with CC-800 error, the only fix has been to restore from a backup taken when the connection was working. Then deactivate the Discover account(s) and reactivate.

    Using Ctrl + F3 on Contact Info in Online Center used to be a means of deleting the Discover connection info in the data file. Now though, when in the CC-800 error condition, even though the Discover account register details shows it is disconnected the connection info cannot be deleted because Quicken thinks the connection is still active. In my case the condition is an issue with the data file/cloud file not being cleansed of Discover connection info rather than Discover connection. A new data file creates a Discover connection without issue. I suspect, this is also the case for users following the alert.

  • mjonis
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    Yes, my suspicion as well with the cloud sync stuff. I disabled that, but now i get the CC-800 with Citibank (I can manually fix it for about a day or two and then it'll come back again). Sigh. But right now it seems deactivating/reactivating Discover will lead to a CC-501 error.

  • The_E
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    The problem I'm having is with Discover Bank. The CC is still downloading transactions. My savings account has stopped all downloads. I have tried adding my accounts without deleting them and all it will pick up is the CC account, no savings account comes up. So what I'd like to know, because it's a little unclear, is it a Discover issue or is it a Quicken issue?

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