Cannot add Kohls Credit Card



  • Paul Gerardi
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    Same issue here, has been going on for several weeks now. [Removed - Speculation]

  • isp3530
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    I am having the same issue with the Kohls Credit Card & Quicken. Started a few weeks ago for me. Reached out to Quicken and they advised they are working on the problem. Don't understand… until a few weeks ago the connection worked great.

    Ticket #10410175

  • Tekcar
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    I am having the same CC-505 error as is discuss cussed above for the last 2 weeks. Since I haove several payment's outstanding, I hope we hear positive progress soon.

  • shop@stanley
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    Kohl's credit use to work. Now it's broken. Message received: Sorry. We encountered an error. (It's not your fault.)

    It appears when you add the kohls card it uses the site It should use the site

    Alan Stanley

  • Egor Titov
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    Or it could be this site

  • Curtis88
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    Still getting the following error on Mac.

  • fontanet
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    I am having the same issue. Hopefully, a resolution will happen soon.

  • Marydale
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    Same issue for a while, weeks. If Kohl's credit card is now managed by Capital One then why doesn't the connection change? Can't this be fixed, especially if it is just a url issue to the correct login site?

  • TedG
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    Same issue for weeks: "Sorry. We encountered an error. (It's not your fault.) Quicken is having trouble connecting to Kohl's Credit Card." Before the problem arose, the linkage worked fine. I believe there are two "Kohl's" cards that cause confusion. One is the VISA Kohl's card issued by Capital One. The second is the Kohl's "store" account, (not a VISA account), which I believe is also quietly issued by Capital One. That card is the one I have. I believe that all credit cards must be issued by a bank by law, and that Kohl's (which is not a bank) arranged with Capital One to underwrite the "store" cards. The web address for the store card is:, not, as pointed out above. If the connection trouble is because Quicken is trying to link with Kohl's instead of Kohl's Credit, then it seems like an easy fix. Come on Q, many folks above can't link and there seems to be no cure in the works! Can you please fix this? I have a ticket 10401777 which seems ignored.

  • jsaar1
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    The problem continues. Ticket #10378221/CTP-7332

  • nikduvall
    nikduvall Member, Mac Beta Beta

    I have had the same issue for as long as this discussion has existed.

    Quicken & Mac user for past 20+ years

    2019 Macbook Pro 16, Ventura

  • ChuckA
    ChuckA Member

    Kohls Credit download has not been working for me either. I can't believe I am paying for this annual membership!! Fidelity NetBenefits has only worked for about 1/2 the year and now Kohl's Credit is not working either.

  • HGreer
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    This has been going on way too long with no apparent action by Quicken. Not even a, "We are working on it". It is time for this to be fixed.

  • sah316
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    Why is my Kohl's store credit card unable to connect any longer? The website should be and it shows that it wants to log into. Not sure if this was recently updated but this was working last time I tried to update at the end of July. I see that several others have had this issue with no solutions. Please advise what is being done to resolve this issue as soon as possible. This should be an easy fix for Quicken.

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  • jr_ece
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    I believe this is correct as well. I can login with credentials at, AND the downloads used to work (for multiple years) until recently. I deactivated and attempted to re-add the account to Quicken. Nope. R42.21.

  • jr_ece
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    Reminder. I have the old Kohls card that has worked (mostly) over several years. It is accessed through This is the message when trying to add it back after deactivating (due to download errors).

    Again, believe this could be due to routing to the wrong web address 🤷‍♂️.

  • I am having the same issue as others have reported here. Agreed that it's very frustrating that a solution seems to be known (Quicken updating the URL being used) but no action has been taken yet to correct it.

  • pantz9
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    Still a problem for me.

  • I am also having the same issue with the kohl's store card. same message as above, try again now or add transactions manually. I do not want to add transactions manually. That is why I pay for quicken!!! When will there be a resolution?

  • cverhey
    cverhey Member

    We all have the same problem.

    It seems to be Quicken software is using the link to Kohl's SHOPPING.


    instead of Kohl's CREDIT.


  • @quicken Kristina

    can we please get an update on this issue

  • fab5friend
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    Also having the same problem.

  • Curtis88
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    Continues to be a problem with me as well.

  • pendetim
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    Mac User. Trying to add Kohls in store credit card download using the connect account function in Quicken. When I try and add I receive various error messages but the most frequent one is:

    Please try again later.

    Care Code: FDP-105

    URL. FI Blocking

    It seems many others are having issues adding Kohls download. My user name and password are correct as they work on and that site shows balances/ payments and profile information.

    Is there any resolution pending on this?

  • cgr6513
    cgr6513 Member ✭✭

    Seems this problem has been there a long time…can we please get an update. Getting the same error trying to set up Kohl's credit card.

  • pendetim
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    All me to the list of broken Kohls card holders.

    My Kohls store card will not add to quicken. This is not a Capital One Visa card but the store card that shows activity on My login works throught that site and shows activity but when I try and add account from Quicken I am presented with this error:

    Please try again later.

    Care Code: FDP-105

    URL. FI Blocking

  • I've had the Kohl's credit card attached to my Quicken account for years. Now it is going on 2 months with no connectivity. I thought Quicken leaving Intuit was supposed to make their development time and issue resolution faster but this outage makes me doubt the future viability of using this platform for my finances. I'd feel a heck of a lot better if they just posted or communicated an initial assessment of root cause and their next steps for resolution. Bonus points if they could give some sense of when this might actually get fixed! Hopefully well before holiday shopping season - I don't want to manually enter those transactions!

  • ed angel
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    Me too … many years, and this Is absurd.

    Do we know for sure whose fault it is (Kohls or Quicken)?

  • Boatnmaniac
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    We will probably never know for sure what exactly is the cause of this issue and who has accountability for fixing it. But here are some things to mull over.:

    1. FDP-105: This is an error code for when the financial institution's server is down or has restricted access so Quicken cannot download ( ).
    2. The issue began when Kohl's turned on their updated website a couple of months ago.
    3. Kohl's own website says that they are not downloading transactions into Quicken at this time.
    4. Not confirmed: Someone else in this forum said they tried to download transactions into some other financial planning software (using Plaid as the aggregator) and they said that was not working either.
    5. Quicken cannot fix any financial institution's servers. Only the financial institution can do that.
    6. If there is something that needs to be fixed with the FIDIR file (the file that tells Quicken which financial institutions support Quicken, which connection methods they support and for which types of accounts), the financial institution needs to resolve that with the aggregator (Intuit). Only Intuit can change the FIDIR file.

    While not definitive, I think the above information is pretty telling.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

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