Fidelity NetBenefits transaction download is all "Unidentified Security" (edit)



  • Scott
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    I deleted my Fidelity 401(k) account and added it from scratch. Once added it immediately noted it added placeholders. Ugh. Looks like it only goes back to 08/2023. Looks like anything dated 8/6/23 is using placeholders. The balance of my account is double what it should be. Shows a Establish Cash Bal on 8/6/23 which is also the same as yesterday's end balance. Makes no sense.

  • jeffrose5
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    Maybe you can go to a backup copy and download from that. The cash balance was also double for me when I tested this with Quicken support back in late July. Since it was a test file and the only thing I needed to prove was the unknown securities, I didn't push the issue with support, although I did call it out to them.

    I have been renaming my downloaded securities so that when they fix this (seems like they have, but I won't know until next week), everything should fall into place. It wasn't too hard since the security name was just in the wrong field.

  • sserge
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    I can confirm that the issue appears to have been fixed. I downloaded transactions since my last sync on 7/14, and they all matched the proper securities. The download did result in the total shares reported by Fidelity not matching up with the current shares in Quicken, but I'd have to investigate this separately.

    Thanks to everyone who took their time to report this and follow up with Fidelity and Quicken. I am just amazed how much it took to get this issue resolved.

  • rodavey
    rodavey Member

    Same problem:

    I have an account at Fidelity Net Benefits. This is a tax deferred compensation account (not a 401K or IRA). This account contains 4 mutual funds that require a bimonthly partial sell and then cash disbursed to my separate bank account.

    Question 1: Until recently the sell shares were reported in my Quicken transactions under the fund name which then were automatically reduced the fund shares held. Now they only download as "undisclosed" security sale and I have to manually change the name so they can be properly deducted?

    Question 2: Quicken does not show the cash amount disbursement for the cash sent to my bank. So I have to manually reduce my cash to 0 after each disbursement?

  • glenn.hout
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    Great news to hear BarryMo! I’m away and haven’t yet been able to confirm that Fidelity fixed the issue.

    I want to extend my sincere thanks to Eric Dunn (CEO Quicken) and Quicken’s VP Support & his team. Eric & his VP responded to me within an hour of my first outreach & together we identified exactly what change Fidelity had made back in July and relayed to Fidelity where and how to make the fix last week. Everyone in the Quicken Community should extend thanks to Eric & his VP Support. That’s the best customer service responsiveness I’ve ever seen!

    Abby Johnson (Fidelity CEO) had her team work with me (although grudgingly and only after multiple outreaches). I was even able to escalate enough to find the name of Fidelity’s developer working on the issue. After reaching out directly there too, looks like Fidelity moved and got this fixed in very short order.

    Not sure how to correct for past TXN’s other than to go to Fidelity’s website & correct manually in Quicken, which is what I had been doing for every download since July.

    Thanks too to everyone on this thread that reached out to Abby @ Fidelity. Those outreaches got action! I have massive respect for those people that took action vs just whining!

  • BarryMo
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    I give you a lot of credit for moving this forward! Thank you!!

  • davem37
    davem37 Member

    If I recover my quicken data from BEFORE this problem started (early September for me), and THEN process the incoming transactions, will that work ?

  • Scott Hearan
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    I am new to NetBenefits. I started downloading transactions in September. I just deleted the account and re-created it. The transactions imported properly. Based on this behavior, I would assume you should be good.

  • mrknight44

    Yes, I had restored from a backup created just before these issues started. I’ve been updating all accounts except Netbenefits through these months while tracking this issue. This weekend I tried updating Netbenefits accounts and it worked great. I had to run the update a couple times to get all the transactions, but it pulled in all transactions without error. Thanks for driving this to resolution.

  • glenn.hout
    glenn.hout Member ✭✭✭

    CONFIRMED that Fidelity fixed the "Unidentified Security" issue! Created a brand new Quicken Data File and just created a single account for Fidelity Netbenefits. It seems that ALL TXN's prior to 9/1/2023 are missing and would require me to resolve placeholders for all prior TXN's. However, all TXN's since 9/1/2023 came down with properly identified security names, $$$, dates, etc. Fidelity didn't download ANY of my TXN's prior to that date, but just an XIN transaction showing cash being added to my account, which was then invested in the proper securities.

    Since my history in Quicken was already correct prior to the July 2023 Fidelity Netbenefits issue, my prior TXN's were irrelevant, as the information was already there. I had been manually updating all downloaded TXN's in Quicken since the problem started in July, so my history was already up to date.

    I'd suggest that users with issues go back to a prior backup where their Fidelity information WAS correct (probably mid-July or possibly June 2023), and then just manually update TXN's from that point forward. For users that don't have those backups, you'll either need to manually enter those TXN's or just start from the current point-in-time and go forward.

  • wilsonvr
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    I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to resolving this issue. Thanks to your efforts, the downloaded transactions are no longer classified as undefined. However, I have encountered a new issue. I now have several funds that are identical but have different names. When this issue first arose, a second fund with a different name was created. Since then, I have manually edited the transactions to match the second fund that was created. However, after this fix, Quicken has reverted to matching the downloaded transactions with the original fund name. I could manually correct these transactions, but I’m hoping that Quicken will provide a fix. Alternatively, does anyone know how I can merge these funds?

    Best regards

    Virgil Wilson

  • Jim_Harman
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    Unfortunately you will have to correct the names manually, however this is not as time consuming as it might seem.

    1. Back up your data file in case something goes wrong
    2. In the account you want to fix, click on the Security header to sort by security name.
    3. Select a transaction with the correct security name then click on the name to highlight it.
    4. Hit Ctrl-C to copy the name.
    5. Select the top transaction with the incorrect name and click on the name.
    6. Hit Ctrl-V to paste the correct name on the transaction.
    7. Hit Enter to accept the change. The transaction will be moved to to group with the correct name and the next incorrect one will be selected.
    8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to fix all the incorrect names. Be sure to stop when you have corrected the last one.

    When you are done, you can go to Tools > Security List and delete the incorrectly named securities. If you can't delete a security it means there are still one or more transactions that use that security.

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  • jeffrose5
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    @joegz9101, try this post (all the way at the bottom) on how to reset the download date. It goes without saying, but do a backup first.

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