One Side of Linked Transfer Transaction Missing (Q Mac)

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Has anyone noticed this recently on Quicken for Mac? I've had it happen twice recently. I had a transfer transaction between two accounts. When I synced my bank transactions one of them matched up with the one account and I had a blue pencil to mark as reviewd (we'll call this Account A). However, the transaction in the other account (Account B) was a blue circle to review. I found this odd because the blue pencil in Account A was a transfer from Account B. This means that there was no matching transaction in the Account B. I looked all over and couldn't find the matching transfer transaction even though Account B clearly had a transaction which indicated it was a transfer from Account B.

I was able to kind of fix this by going to Account A, changing the transaction to transfer from an account that was different than Account B and then change it back to Account B. The linked transaction then showed up in both Account A and Account B. I lost the blue pencil in Account A and was able to drag and drop the two transactions together in Account B to make the match.

Any idea what may be going on?


  • Hello @dioxide45,

    To clarify the issue, is one side of the transfer not downloading, or is it downloading, but not matching up properly? The title of the post indicates that it's missing, but when I read your description of the issue, it sounds like you're getting the blue pencil (matched to manual transaction) on one side and a blue dot (downloaded and not yet reviewed transaction) on the other side. Is there a manual transaction (the other half of the transfer) in that other account for it to match to?

    I look forward to your reply!

    Quicken Kristina

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  • dioxide45
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    Sorry, it isn't easy to explain. For transfer transactions, I always put those in manually when I make a transfer or credit card payment. Then the transactions would usually match up after downloading. I only noticed the issue after downloading transactions later. After downloading one side of the transaction matches up but the other side doesn't. The reason the other side doesn't match up is because there is no transaction in the register for it to match to. I can clearly see that it is a transfer transaction on the account that shows the transaction, but the account it should link to, the transaction isn't in there. If I see it again I can post some screen shots.

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    Let me see if I have the events correct…

    1. You create a transfer transaction in Account A that transfers money to Account B.
    2. Immediately after posting, you see both ends of this transaction in both accounts.
    3. You download transactions.
    4. After download, the newly downloaded transaction matches in Account B (blue pencil).
    5. But in Account A, the original manually entered transaction is missing and there's only a newly downloaded transaction (blue dot) showing.

    Do I have this correct?

    What category are you using when you enter this transaction? You should probably turn on the Match Status column to know exactly what Quicken thinks is matched or not? Also, if you right-click on a transaction, you can tell if Quicken thinks it's matched by the presence of a "Reject Automatic Transaction Match" (automatic match) or "Unmatch Transaction" (manual match) option (just in case the dot/pencil in the status column is wrong).

    If you want to test this without waiting for it to happen again, do you have a backup of your file from before this last occurrence? If so, you can restore the backup to a NEW COPY of your file. Then make a copy (in the Finder) of that copy. Make sure to name the file uniquely so you can tell them apart from each other and your working file. In the copy of copy, you can see what it looked like before you downloaded and take screenshots. Then you can download, compare and take screenshots. If you need to test again, you can make another copy of the first restored copy.

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  • RJG333
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    I think the same thing is happening to me:

    I download the transactions from Bank A.

    There are a few specific transactions that from Bank A, go to a college savings account, so quicken knows that money goes to an account that I manually set up, on the account register for Bank A, shows that that money correctly went to the quicken account B, is detected as a transfer and has the name of the account in brackets Transfer [Account B] .

    If I go to Account B registry , that transaction is not there… so is like the money disappeared even if is shown as transferred between accounts.

  • RickO
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    @RJG333 Turn on the Transfer column in Account A's register (menu View > Columns). Make sure you see Account B listed in that column. It could be that the format in the Category column is not quite right, which makes it look like it should be a transfer, but it isn't really recorded that way.

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  • dioxide45
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    Sorry for the slow followup on this as I haven't seen it happen recently. All is correct. I am not sure I can restore a backup at this point given all the new transactions since the last occurrence. I will post again if this comes up again.

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