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    I have been having ongoing issues with my Fidelity Reward Visa download. It is currently setup in my quicken to use Express Web Connect +, but I have seen posts from other users that have it setup to use ELAN_Fidelity_Visa_EWC? Is it possible I have the connection details setup wrong for this credit card? Here is my issue— I usually import transactions and tick them off one by one, comparing them to my paper credit card statement I get in the mail as I go. I am able to import the transactions correctly (i tick them off on the paper statement as I accept them in Quicken and make sure the amounts match). Even though the transactions imported correctly, ie. they were all there and the money amounts matched, the "balance" column in Quicken has calculated an incorrect total! I cannot understand how this is possible. I am talking about the total in the "balance" column (ending balance), not the "online balance". I called this into customer support and got a ticket # 10975457 but I am not sure the person understood my issue exactly, as he said no one else is having issues with this particular credit card. I am using classic quicken on windows.

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    If you are downloading the transactions with EWC+, it means your account in Quicken must be set up with the Fidelity - Investments and Retirement Accounts download link. This is what I am currently using and it has been working well.

    Fidelity - Investments and Retirement Accounts is a pretty new setup option having been active only since this past Dec/Jan. In order to have it set up now means that at some time in the last few months you would have had to change from the connection you used to you use (maybe the old Fidelity Rewards Visa Card setup which is no longer available?).

    Sometimes, when changing the connection method of an account Quicken will change the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount. Do you know what the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount should be? Or do you have a backup file from before when you set up the EWC+ connection that you can restore (if you restore it be sure to give it a unique name so it does not overwrite you current main data file)? It can be from many months or even years ago. Make note of what the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount should be or is in that restored backup file. Then open your main data file and if the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount is different from that, correct the amount in your main data file to match what it should be. Does that resolve the issue for you?

    As a side note: Once you have confirmed what the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount should be, enter and save that amount in the Memo field of that transaction. Then you will always know what it should be if this ever should ever happen again in the future.

    Regarding the Elan Financial Services download link: I used to use it (still do in a test file) and some others still do. It's a personal choice as to whether your want to use it or the Fidelity - Investments and Retirement Accounts but you should know that they both download the exact same data. And since the issue you are seeing is not an issue specific to downloads from Fidelity then switching to Elan will not resolve the issue for you. In fact, switching to Elan would involve another connection change which could possibly change the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount, again. I suggest sticking with the Fidelity download link and fixing whatever it is in the account in Quicken that is giving you a bad account balance.

    Let me know if the Opening Balance correction resolves the issue for you. If it does not, then there a couple of other things that could be causing it. Let's take it one step at a time.

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    Are you using the Quicken account reconcile feature? It may help to help discover the source of the wrong balance. I always use the feature to keep credit card account balance in order or to show what is off balance.

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