How to merge two accounts

I just moved from Windows to Mac, and my bank accounts were successfully transferred over. But when I downloaded the account updates from the bank, Quicken created new account names and put the updated data in those, so now I have two accounts for checking (old and new), two for the credit card, savings, CD's, etc.

 I would like to merge these dual accounts back into single accounts, but I don't know how to do it.


  • smayer97
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    You can simply click and drag transactions from one account to the other. You can do it one at a time or choose a selection; standard selection techniques apply: shift-click fro range or command-click for adding individual entries to selection.

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  • Unknown
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    Yes, click and drag works, but many (not all) of the transactions are still in the old account, and the moved transactions all have a red pen icon on the left hand column which is very annoying.  I suppose I can delete the transactions in the old account, but after spending hours trying I am unable to clear the red pen icons.
  • Concordman
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    No need to spend anymore time trying to clear the Orange pencil..At present you are stuck admiring the pencil until the folks at Qm fix the bug
  • jim4
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    I used copy/paste to move transactions from one account to another as described above.  However, I had to reply in window that i wanted to delete the reconciled transaction for EACH transaction.  This was a burdensome task for a large account.  The window should have a yes-to-all check box.
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