Like to be able to sync foreign accounts/currencies with Quicken Mobile (85 Legacy Votes)



  • Evd
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    Thank you Jade; also US citizens live abroad (temporarily) and need international accounts 🙂

    Happy new year!

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  • Houleyh
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    Really frustrating after all those years that Quicken Mobile is not a multi-currency app like the desktop app. YH
  • Puru
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    This is taking a lot of time and I think I have seen requests for the last few years to enable non-USD accounts on Q Mobile App.
    Is there any ETA on this?
  • BJL
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    It remains extremely frustrating that while Quicken desktop converts foreign currency accounts to the prevailing US$ exchange rates that the mobile app does not and my net worth shows as double of what it really is.  This has been a long long time issue with apparently no intent for Quicken to ever remedy
  • Michel Farah
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    It has been years now and I don't think they are interested to implement multicurrency support in the web/mobile. I stopped paying for subscription and will not pay until they implement it.
    It has become useless to wait any further....
  • dukeofearl.p
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    I did the same thing and know others who have left, they must have lost countless customers due to this issue and clearly no one from Quicken are monitoring these forums and care.
  • BigBubba
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    I agree this is a critical feature required for the mobile app! All that is needed is the ability to sync MANUAL transactions. Then at least the manual transactions I've already entered into Quicken desktop, or manually entered into my mobile app, can be synced. Never mind connecting to non-US financial institutions - I understand how that could be a monumental task. But at least sync non-US dollar account transactions that we have already manually entered.
  • Jason z
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    There are 68 votes for this feature for the web version and it should be implemented for Mobile too. It will be really helpful to track investments.
  • wayne186
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    This was first raised by a user in 2017, it is shocking to me that it is STILL not available, I am not renewing my subscription this year after being a loyal quicken user for over 25 years because of this serious lack of functionality. I am spending days manually entering transactions when I return from month long trips in foreign countries where I predominantly use cash to pay for food, transport and other services where most of the time I can't even get a receipt like from a tuctuc in india or a street food vendor in thailand. I have about 20 foreign cash accounts on my desktop quicken version and no visiblity into them from the mobile app where it would be nice if I could enter those transactions as they occur instead of running an archaic notebook app and then having to sift through receipts and manually enter data between trips. When exactly are you guys going to give your users a solution?
  • seblaus
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    Can you also please enable transaction downloads from banks in other currency than USD?

  • fbaltra
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    Multi-currency in Quicken Mobile is a must now a days with remote working!! Please Quicken listen to your faithfull customers!!!

  • YarnBridge40
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    Quicken please, the desktop app converts foreign currency to home currency no problem. The app continues to sum nominal values without any attention to currency. How hard can this be??

  • conradp
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    Long. Overdue.

    Please solve. Mobile app is needlessly hobbled without it.

  • Stevegs1
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    Please add this functionality…….

  • Azad
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    I have the same request.

    A workaround that worked for me was to create a foreign cash account on my desktop and then sync it to my mobile app. Once that’s setup I could manually enter the transactions in the foreign currency on my phone when traveling. Once synced again, my desktop app converts it automatically to the home currency.

    One downside to this approach is that the trends/budgets/sum of all accounts are way off on my phone because it doesn’t convert the currency to my home currency on the phone. Therefore, I simply excluded that foreign account from my trends/budgets on my phone app. The trends/budgets on my desktop gets converted correctly just fine.

    I hope that helps.

  • Chris_QPW
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    Your workaround will only work with Quicken Mac, and only because Quicken Mac doesn't have true multiple currency support.

    Quicken Mac's support of multiple currency consists mostly just allowing a different currency symbol and reports that allow having multiple currencies on them. It doesn't have any actual conversion rates for things like transfers between accounts of different currencies or to have a report that converts all the currencies to one currency using the exchange rate.

    As such, it makes no attempt at blocking transferring of different currencies to Quicken Mobile/Web, they are just "numbers".

    Quicken Windows on the other hand knows that Quicken Mobile/Web can only handle one currency, and as such blocks syncing any account that isn't in the Home currency (USD for Quicken Windows US, and CAD for Quicken Windows Canadian).

    This is my website:
  • Azad
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    You're right that it doesn't have true multicurency conversion on the Mac. I don't know if this is a new feature but at least it prompts me to convert the currency when I'm transferring from one account to another (on the Mac version):

  • Bob@34
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    I have USD accounts and EUR accounts - so dollars and euros. I can deal with the inability to sync directly with my Spanish bank but find it frustrating that I cannot sync my euro accounts with the mobile app. What difference does it really make what the currency is if you just making an entry? If my euro cash account appeared in my mobile app and I entered 16.50 it would be understood to be €16.50. I just want a way to enter expenditures when I'm out and about and have them reflected in my desktop application. Pure and simple, nothing more than that. If it's because of net worth calculations, let the desktop version do that.