How to record gold as an investment

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I own gold krugerands as an investment.  I have them entered as an asset, so consequently they do not show under investments.  How should I have done this, as I would like for them to show as part of my portfolio for analysis. 


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    You could add them as an investment. Enter it as 1 share per ounce and then you can keep track of the price/ounce. I don't know if there's a ticker symbol for gold for price per ounce but there might be.

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    Kruger Rand coins (or any other coins or collectible items) can be tracked in Quicken.
    Create a "manual" investment account, not connected to any bank or broker for transaction downloading.
    Create a Security "Kruger Rand", Type = Other, without a ticker symbol.
    Track your buys and sells as if you were buying or selling company stock.

    If you get price updates use the Portfolio View to enter the new price, so you know what your coins are worth now.

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    I could update my prices in Q-Mac 2007, but Q2017 for Mac, the portfolio can't be edited?
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    t.oswalt2 said:

    I could update my prices in Q-Mac 2007, but Q2017 for Mac, the portfolio can't be edited?

    You can update the prices manually but it is a multi-step process and it currently cannot be done via the portfolio window. Some one else will have to outline the steps, or check Quicken Help.

    Meanwhile, you can add your VOTE to Add ability to manually update security quotes within the portfolio window.

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