Quicken Mac FAQ: Removing and Rebuilding Security Price History in QM2007

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Quotes files occasionally become damaged, preventing Quicken for Mac from opening ("Unable to open file") or causing Quicken for Mac to crash ("...has unexpectedly Quit").

If you can open your data file, try this first to check the condition of your Portfolio:

  1. Open the Portfolio window. Next, you can choose to do a repair on either one brokerage register or on all investment registers.
  2. To repair only ONE investment/brokerage register, open the suspect brokerage register. Then press Command + Option + L (it may appear to do nothing; this is normal). Note that this will warn you that it will reset lot assignment back to FIFO method.
  3. To repair ALL investment registers, while in the Portfolio window, press Command + Option + L (it may appear to do nothing; this is normal). Note that this will warn you that it will reset lot assignment back to FIFO method.

If the above does not work OR you cannot open your data file, try this approach:

  1. Quit Quicken.
  2. Spotlight search (Command + Spacebar) for QDFM.
  3. Hold the Command key and click on your data file to open it in Finder.
  4. Hold the Control key and click on the data file.
  5. Choose Show Package Contents.
  6. Click on the Contents folder.
  7. Drag the Quotes document with the gold dollar sign to the Trash (or the Desktop).
  8. Empty the Trash (optional).
  9. Launch Quicken.
  10. Open your QDFM (File > Open File) if it doesn't open with the program.
  11. Go to Activities > Security Detail to confirm that no prices exist for the tickers.
  12. Click on the Investing tab.
  13. Click on Portfolio.
  14. Hold Command + Option + U to rebuild the Security History (NOTE: you may not see any obvious activity, depending on the number and age of Securities in your file).
  15. Go to Online > Get Historical Prices.
  16. Choose 5 Years in the drop-down list for Get historical prices for:
  17. Click the All button to mark all tickers.
  18. Click the Download button.

TIP: You may be able to preserve your Quotes (price) data by exporting then re-importing your data.

  1. First export the Security Prices using QM2007: Select File > Export > Selected Items to QIF...
  2. Click Security Prices. Then click the Export... button.
  3. Give the file a name and save it somewhere easy to access like your Desktop (DO NOT use more than 27 characters in the file name - QM2007 limitation).
  4. Then follow instructions to remove the Quotes file (1-11 above). 
  5. Instead of continuing with step 12 onward in the above instructions, re-import the Security Prices back into your data file using QM2007. See https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7598814/quicken-mac-faq-how-to-import-historical-security-data-into-qm2007 If some price history is still missing, you must enter it manually.
P.S. Always make a backup BEFORE starting to play around with your data file.

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