Need a way for a user to do a controlled abort of one step update (8 Legacy Votes)



  • mrkp89
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    I recently discovered that a bank connect is a cause for the One-Step-Update hang. To deduce this bank out of all of my banks, I have to run OSU, uncheck banks one by one and Ctr+Alt+Del out until OSU stopped hanging. I wish I did not have do Ctrl+Alt+Del each time. Having a cancel function would have been great.
  • johnodrake
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    Quicken needs to provide an option to cancel One Step Update after it starts.  Currently the only way I can see that it can be stopped is to go to the task manager and stop the process and then restart Quicken.
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  • GO2
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    how do I get the one step update to stop when it is hanging, I have closed parallels and restarted the computer. when I open the program again, quicken one step update is still running.
  • RIB397
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    I agree that a cancel update option needs to be provided for one step updates. Using the task manager to end Quicken is the only way I have found to continue. I tried updating only one account but Quicken still hangs up and has to be closed with the task manager.
  • Santafed0g
    Santafed0g Member
    This latest issue with OSU on many banks (01/02/2023) just reinforces the necessity of the suggestions in this thread. I'm sure thousands and having this issue of the OSU locking up and having to use the Task Manager to kill the Quicken process. I shudder to think of how many will experience other issues triggered by killing the process, but there is NO other way to do any other work in Quicken without doing so. Having a WORKING Cancel button in the OSU screen would be great.

    I've been an Oracle database admin for decades. It has a very effective rollback process when a transaction is cancelled or aborts. Quicken needs similar functionality.
  • D_CLT
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    I had this same issue (hang) today and landed here when web-searching for answers. While giving my one-step update a bit longer before task-killing it, I downloaded some transactions from a credit card provider (who does not offer direct download into Quicken) as a QFX file. Then I absent-mindedly double-clicked that QFX file from Windows Explorer to open it in Quicken, as I always do. Before I had time to think "Oh crud, I shouldn't have done that during this hang," the transactions from the QFX shockingly imported successfully, seemingly interrupting the one-step update. I don't know if others can replicate this, but if so, theoretically those who know how to construct a QFX file could construct one with a single bogus $0 transaction in it, keep it always on disk for just this kind of occasion, and have a back-door interrupter of one-step updates by opening that file.
  • miklk
    miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Years ago when the ability to Cancel was removed, they said it was due to data corruption happening.(They even had the OSU window as a non modal window that could be minimized.)

    They basically locked down the whole program until OSU finished due to data issues.

    They do need better error handling in OSU so it will time out and move on instead of locking up. (If we end up CTRL-ALT-Del, that is the best way to get data corruption)
  • Bob.
    Bob. Member ✭✭✭✭

    I think we all know that sometimes a One Step Update can take forever. Just search the forums for reports of 5-20 minutes.

    I'd like a CANCEL button added to the OSU dialog.

  • Bob.
    Bob. Member ✭✭✭✭

    Just got merged here. Cannot imagine why this has not been acted upon. And agree with mlklk, killing the process is far riskier than a cancel for data corruption.

  • supecoop
    supecoop Member ✭✭
    I vote in favor of this upgrade. It would be a good work-around when the update hangs.
  • AceLandow
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    This may be an old post, but it is still a problem.

    It has gotten worse since banks are now requesting 2 factor Authentication. The prompt to select the method comes late in the One Step Update. If you don't respond quickly it will fail. But the update will not recognize that it failed. It will keep prompting. You have to cancel it to get the next prompt.

    And there is no way to cancel if the internet connection is lost during the update. It happened this morning for me. The only option is retry.

    There needs to be aN update to the One Step Update to address these issues. And the voting system has apparently been remove, I can't find a way to vote

  • Bob.
    Bob. Member ✭✭✭✭

    It is still a problem. Moreso now with EWC+ taking so much longer than Direct Connect. @AceLandow, why not start a new suggestion thread so new votes can be counted? Assuming one can still create voteable idea threads. If not, woul dbe yet another loss - though many people do not read or follow the ideas and vote.

  • tbkeen
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    I also find the inability to CANCEL the Update feature to be very annoying. Not only is not possible to cancel the UPDATE, but users cannot close the Quicken app, except by opening the Task Manager and killing the Quicken process. Unsat. This has been an obvious problems for years. Every month there is a Quicken update. It would be nice to get an update that provides an obvious benefit to the user.

    It also seems like One Step Update works through the accounts sequentially, and will not progress to the next account if waiting for two-factor ID to complete. It ought to be possible to update all accounts in parallel.

  • Quicken Anja
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