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Portfolio Management and Export

John C
John C Member ✭✭
edited September 2018 in Investing (Mac)

I just installed Quicken 2018 for
Mac out of concern that I would lose functionality of Quicken 2007 with new Mac
OS upgrades.

I am not satisfied with the 2018
version.  A long rant and description about
problems is presented below.  But my
basic question:

Is there a simple way to easily
upgrade the 2018 to incorporate an older version without an uninstall of 2018 then
doing a new installation. I would like eliminate all of the time to put in activation
number and going through the installation process again. I want to continue to
use the 2007 version for reasons explained below but I am concerned about all
of a sudden not even being able to use the 2007 version.


I have been using the 2007 version
since none of the upgrades had better or even as good portfolio management
tools.  Like several others who have
commented elsewhere I have over 20 years of Quicken files. 

My current problem with Quicken
2018 lies with the portfolio tools and display. 
Quicken has not even incorporated the abilities of the eleven year old
model.  On 2007 Quicken one could display
an entire portfolio on one screen.  IRA
accounts and multiple brokerage accounts were all visible on one page.  The display had a column for added
information such as CUSIP identifiers for bonds and ticker symbols for stocks,
ETFs or mutual funds.  It was also be
organized by account on one screen.  One
could export the entire portfolio to a cvs file that could be opened with Excel
with all the details.

An exported file could then be
sorted in Excel in various ways to identify total amount in fixed income, large
cap, foreign, etc. across multiple accounts or within a single account.  This allowed one to easily go through
portfolio and rebalance on a semiannual or quarterly schedule.  All this appears to be lost on the newest

In addition if you want to transfer
all of the equities form one brokerage account to another there is no simple
way to do it.  In the 2007 version it was
not all that simple but it could be done while retaining the share
history.  There was a move shares option
to move shares individually out of one account into another account.  It took to entries for each equity one to
move out and one to move in. But all information and transactions were

While some aspects of the 2018
version have more eye appeal and offer some conveniences, if you use this to
manage brokerage accounts with equities, bonds, ETF or mutual funds it is a not
a useful product.  I am continuing to use
Quicken 2007.  To cover the situation in
the event of loss of functionality with new OS systems that may be
incompatible.  I am going to try a
monthly uninstall or import from the 2007 to 2018 version.  Maybe it will work or maybe not.


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