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PIMCO converted PONDX to PONAX earlier this year.  Fidelity shifted TRRCX to PAKRX within my 401K.  It appears I did the mutual fund conversion function correctly, but Fidelity keeps reporting to my Quicken continued discrepancies in shares held in PONDX (no longer) vs PONAX (in Quicken).  How do I correct this?  This has been going on for several months and I do NOT want to revert to a previous back-up.


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    What Q product are you running?  What country?  What Build/Release?

    And, when you log into Fidelity's website ... what is shown there?

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    Quicken Premier; recently updated
    Year:  2019
    Release R15.16
    Windows - US
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    Fidelity website is accurate. But when I look at the security list in Quicken, the CUSIP ID is blank for PONAX.  Not sure if this has anything to do with it or not.
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    I think I'm having the same problem. I'm running
    Quicken Premier 2016; v R18.4; build
    I have 3 mutual funds held with Fidelity. Fidelity merged a bunch of mutual funds into other mutual funds on 11/2/18. Mine are FSEMX => FSMAX, FSTMX => FSKAX, FUSEX => FXAIX.
    I ran "onestep update" shortly after 11/2/18. I show 3 sold transactions of "unidentified security"  and 3 bought transactions in the old fund names. Onestep update continues to update the funds using the old fund names and shows the old ticker when I look at details for that holding. In trying to resolve issues, I did tell quicken what the new fund was. the new fund name/ticker isn't showing up but seems to be updating the old fund name.
    Somewhere in all this, my Quicken investment balance now is significantly different from the Fidelity balance.
    HELP! How can I remedy this?
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    Glad (not really) to see I'm not the only one with this issue.

    I have been dealing with the same issue FSTMX => FSKAX; but just realized it is due to Quicken not getting the CUSIP ID when I set up the security.  Update info from Fidelity is correct. 

    I have deleted the security (FSKAX), unmatched the prior security (FSTMX), then recreated the new/merged security; did not get the CUSIP set.

    But I have noticed that the FSTMX CUSIP = FSKAX CUSIP; perhaps that is the real issue - Quicken can't deal with them being the same.

    Anyone have a solution?
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    The cusip for the old fund FSTMX was 315911404
    For the new fund FSKAX it is 315911693. Make sure the name in Quicken is "Fidelity Total Market Index Fund" not with Investor Class at the end.

    In Edit Security details, you should un-check "Matched with online security" for the one that is incorrect. When you download, you should get a dialog asking to match the security, be sure to math it to the correct one.
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