used an old version or Quicken; never updated; cannot open it; don't want to to lose records; Can y

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Help! I have used Quicken for years and have never updated Quicken. Now I cannot get into Quicken. I don't want to to lose all my records that are int he old Quicken. Can you help me??? MAC computer; don't know the Quicken version, but old


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    Did you recently update to a new Mac OS version?
    That may be what made the old Q Mac incompatible with the new OS.

    You may have to bite the bullet and purchase and install the latest version of Quicken Mac Deluxe. It will be able to read Quicken Mac 2007 or Quicken Essentials and convert it to the required new file format.

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    What version of Mac OS are you using? If you do not know, go the the Apple menu and select About This Mac.

    To find out what version of Quicken you are using, find the Quicken app, right-click on it and select Get Info. There you should see the version number.

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