no date Accounts Summary no CSV export Net Worth Over Time?

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Just wondering why on Mac 2019 Quicken Deluxe one
cannot set date for Accounts Summary and
cannot export Net Worth Over Time to csv

code too complex to write?
not enough coders?
no one requests save me?
you can but you don't know how?
your idea here


  • RickO
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    It's one of the old legacy reports that will not likely be updated. Hopefully, at some point, it will be replaced by one that uses the new reporting engine and hence will have export functionality.

    Until then, here's a workaround. You can select the whole thing (Cmd-A), copy (Cmd-C) and then paste into an Excel or Numbers spreadsheet. It will require a bit of reformatting, but at least it's something.
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    Meanwhile, I highly recommend you to add your VOTES to related IDEAS found on the:Click on each underlined link, then follow the instructions to add your vote to more related ideas. Your VOTES matter!

    For background, you may want to read this post too. BTW, the columnar-type report is the basis for MANY other reports, as described in detail in this post a little lower; only the selection and formatting criteria are different.

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  • Unknown
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    No CSV has been a problem for a long long time.  If votes matter, I guess not many votes.  
  • jacobs
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    Loren, all the reports you can generate via "New Report" -- the new reporting engine that continues to be developed -- allow exporting. So you can currently create and export a New Report > Transaction Report or New Report > Summary Report. Currently, the Net Worth Over Time report hasn't been created in the new report engine, and the old report style didn't allow exporting. This will hopefully be rectified as they move to replace the old reports with the new reports engine. 
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