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Zachary Reiff
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I have a placeholder on one of my investment accounts. It states the number of shares that is missing. When I click on the placeholder - the value of the everything is = 0 meaning there should not be a placeholder. When I check the portfolio value and cost basis - it states the correct value in 2012 but then shrinks to a 0 value in 2013 and then back up to the correct value in 2014. I checked the transaction history over and over again. There is no mistakes. I even started a new quicken file and manually entered everything the same way and there were no placeholders and the portfolio value was correct. Any ideas??? Thanks. I find the investing portion of Quicken very glitchy. 


  • Sherlock
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    Any ideas???
    Delete the placeholder.
  • Ed Duncan
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    Have the same problem with many placeholders. How do you delete these. I tried the delete all button and the computer locks up
  • GeoffG
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    Patients, it's not locked up, but depending on how many, can be time consuming.
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