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Can NOT move the data file on Quicken for Mac 2019

Unknown Member
I have Quicken for Mac 2019 Deluxe 5.9.2 and I am trying to move the data file.

This is on a brand new MacBook Pro running Mojave 10.14.2.

In my old computer running El Capitan I had created an encrypted sparse image in HPFS format.  My data file and my backups were stored in that encrypted image.

I copied that image to my new computer.  Installed the new Quicken and it converted the data file to its new format.  Have used it for 3 days and all is OK, except that the data file and the backups are NOT stored in the encrypted sparse image file.

So, I go to File, Move To... and follow the path until I find the sparse image.

The name of the image is greyed out.

So, I can NOT move the data file.

I could try moving it from outside Quicken but don't know if that is OK.

Thanks to all.



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