Trouble using 'keep accounts separate' feature

I recently opened up brokerage accounts for my kids and I want to track the investments in Quicken.  However, I don't want to include their accounts in my net worth calculations.  

I found the 'keep this account separate' function and I see where Quicken places the accounts in a 'separate' section on the left hand toolbar.  However, Quicken is no longer displaying the account in my portfolio view.

How can I keep their accounts in my portfolio view so I can see how their investments are performing while keeping their accounts separate from being included in net worth calculations?


  • jason.jager
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    Woops, I forgot!

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  • Tom Young
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    I'll admit, the whole notion of separate accounts has always befuddled me. 

    I think the direct answer to your direct question is "You can't", at least that's what I get from the Quicken help file.

    I see nothing wrong with putting the children's brokerage accounts in your file, not denoted as "separate" and simply omitting those Accounts when you run a Net Worth report.  But if you're really focusing on the number at the bottom of the Account Bar and want to keep that number "pure" then why not simply put those accounts in a separate file?  The additional effort it takes to switch from one file to another is fairly nominal.
  • Sherlock
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    I suggest you open the portfolio, select Customize, the Accounts tab, check Show (hidden accounts), check the accounts you want to include, and select OK.
  • Jim_Harman
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    If you want to make use of Quicken's tax estimating and reporting features, you will probably find it most convenient to have a separate Quicken data file for each taxable entity rather than setting up "separate" accounts.

    Another case where this would be useful would be if you want set and monitor a different asset allocation for the kids' accounts.

    Also hopefully the kids will be on their own some day and will be managing their own investments. What better way to give them a head start than by presenting them with their own Quicken file that includes all their history? [Presumably by then there will be a way to associate a file with a different Quicken ID so you don't run into privacy issues!]
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    From C. D. Bales:

    "How can I keep their accounts in my portfolio view ....".

    Assuming you're referring to Investing > Portfolio:

    There are 18 "views" in the Quicken Portfolio: each one of those views has its own customizations.

    To see your "separate" account in a view in the Portfolio:

    - Select the view from the "Show" dropdown

    - Click the Customize button

    - Select the Accounts tab

    - Make sure "Show hidden accounts is selected

    - Make sure every account you want displayed is selected

    ["Separate" accounts are just a particular form of "Hidden" accounts. On the "Search Quicken Help" tab in Quicken Help, key "separate" in the search box and press Enter (or click iSeek). In the resulting list of topics, click "What are my account hiding options?"]

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  • jason.jager
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    Thanks for your replies!  I've done what Sherlock and mshiggins suggested.  At first I didn't think it worked because the Market Value total displayed at the bottom of the portfolio includes the 'separate' accounts balances.

    However, I then noticed that the 'separate' account balances are not included in the net worth calculation displayed in the left hand tool bar.

    Thanks for your help!