Change all usernames with spaces to usernames with hyphens or underscores (for @Namedropper feature)

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Vanilla was apparently built expecting usernames to be a single word with no spaces. Somehow, Quicken got them to import usernames that are multiple words with spaces, but this plays havoc with the namedropper (@) tool in Vanilla, and users are repeatedly confused, or selecting wrong people, because of it. It's certainly not intuitive to know that to @ Quicken Sarah, you need to type @, followed by quote, followed by the name, followed by quote.

The best solution would be for Vanilla to fully work with names that contain spaces, but short of that, what about getting Vanilla to run a one-time script to edit all usernames (and references to same in messages) to replace spaces with underscores or hyphens. So "Quicken Sarah" would become "Quicken-Sarah" or "Quicken_Sarah" or "QuickenSara", and it would then be easy to @ the right individual.
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