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In Quicken for Mac 2007 and previous versions, I have always been able to memorize transactions. This function was particularly useful with more complicated split transactions. In the current version of Quicken for Mac, I have yet to figure out how to memorize previous entries. Does anyone know if such a function exists? 

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  • RickO
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    There is no memorized transaction feature (yet) in QMac 2019. But you can create a scheduled transaction from an existing one and use that pretty much the same way. For those that recur on a regular basis, set up the frequency to match the recurrence pattern. For those that are less regular, set up the frequency about how often they occur approximately. Then use that scheduled transaction as a template. If the transaction doesn't occur, you can always skip that occurrence. You can also duplicate a previous transaction, change the date and make any needed edits.
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  • Jay Zenitsky
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    Thanks. I'll first start by duplicating a previous transaction. Hopefully, the Quicken developers will add this basic function to their software. 
  • jacobs
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    @Jay Zenitsky In fact, the Quicken Mac product manager has said they're working on bringing something like memorized or "quick fill" transactions to Quicken Mac -- but we don't know exactly how things will work, nor when this functionality will appear.
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  • UKR
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    You may want to be precise when using Payee Names for more than one purpose, if you want to retain a certain category split.
    I recommend using distinct Payee Names for specific purposes, e.g.,
    • ACME Anvils - Paycheck
    • ACME Anvils - Annual Bonus
    • Safeway - Food
    • Safeway - Gasoline
    • Safeway - Pharmacy
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