A wishlist for quicken investment

1.      Where could I find management / explanation investment action item?

2.      Is there a filter for security transaction by date, action, income category, etc?

3.      Is there filter for security list by currently owned, etc?

4.      Is there a way to modify _DIVINC to _DIVINCtaxfree and _INTINV to _INTINVtaxfree?

5.      If no support/functions on the above, how can we make it a wishlist to quicken?

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  • Stephen Hu
    Stephen Hu Member ✭✭

    Thanks for some insight 😊

    I have a same security in both taxable and non-taxable (Roth, specified as retirement) accounts with pay dividend.  By doing the tax free box in Security Details will place same tax status, either _DIVINC or  _DIVINCtaxfree on both account.  Logically, _DIVINC should be used for taxable account and _DIVINCtaxfree be used for retirement account.  Placing the account with retirement status should automatically have a tax-free, _DIVINCtaxfree, status with deferral reminder for regular IRA at distribution. The tax-free box should be limited to CD or bond that is likely to be a tax-free security. I have not seen a stock has a tax-free status and let me know if you know one 😊.

    Conclusion: Right now, placing in the retirement account dose noting and using tax free box produce erroneous results.  I think Quicken can do a better job on this.

    For my Q2: I want to see a live short register to understand the recent transactions and make adjustment as needed.  Through a report that would be two steps more. But, thanks the tip.  I think Quicken can do a better job on this.

    For my Q3: I try look for it and there is not currently own filter in the security listing.  The filter could greatly simplify viewing with yeas of investment activities.  Again, I think Quicken can do a better job on this.

  • Stephen Hu
    Stephen Hu Member ✭✭

    The logic is meaningless of tagging a tax-free status to a financial activity in a retirement account since it is not accounted in tax filing unless a distribution reported as income.  

    The regular activity labeling can still be used for tracking gain, loss, dividend and etc. if desired. 

    Got it, thanks sharing all the insights.

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