Does Quicken store my userid and passwords in their cloud servers

I have an active license of Quicken Premier for Mac.  I’d like to know if Quicken is storing the userids and passwords for my financial institutions in their servers in the cloud or if they are only locally stored on my MacBook.  Thank you for the clarification!

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  • GeoffG
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    Yes, your user ID and Passwords are stored on Quicken servers. This article should provided more detail.

  • JamesE112
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    Ok.  Is this required in order to only locally use Quicken for Mac?
    If not, can you give me instructions to definitively delete my data (financial info, useirds and passwords) from your Cloud?

    I do not want to store this data outside of my laptop where I can control it. 
  • NotACPA
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    Your User ID and Pwd are ONLY stored in the cloud IF you choose one of the following options:
    • You use Quicken Connect (on the Mac) or Express Web connect (on a PC) to connect to your bank/cards/brokerages/etc
    • You use the Q Mobile App or you use Quicken on the Web
    The User ID and Pwd are NOT stored in the cloud if you exclusively use Web Connect, or Direct Connect to download

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  • mshiggins
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    Your usernames and passwords will be stored in the cloud if you sync your data to the cloud even if you do not use the mobile app or the web app. 

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