I joined Quicken in 2018. How do I update to Quicken for Mac 2019?

I need to use two devices (1 a laptop, and 2 a desktop) so that, when I update entries (manually), both devices stay in sync. This presumably means I need Quicken on the Web?

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    There is no Quicken on the web.  Just the Mobile App that shows you part of  your data.  To keep both in sync you would need to make the same entries in both files.  Or make a backup on one computer and restore it on the other.  But you can get messed up by moving it back and forth all the time.  You only have 1 current file which is only on one computer at a time.  And this is based on both computers using the same Quicken, Windows or Mac.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    Let's go back to your original question about Quicken 2018 versus Quicken 2019. If you purchased a one-year subscription to Quicken 2018 in 2017 or 2018, and you ignored/dismissed Quicken's notices to renew your subscription, you can continue using Quicken 2018 indefinitely without access to online services like downloading transactions from financial institutions (which you indicate you do not use) and Quicken mobile (aka Quicken cloud) for syncing a mobile device with your Quicken desktop. Upgrading to a new subscription for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020 will bring you the latest upgrade to the program and restore access to the online services.

    To get Quicken 2019, you can either purchase it from Quicken.com or from a retailer like Amazon; typically you can find it for less from a retailer. (At this moment, Amazon is selling it for $39.99 for a 14-month subscription versus 49.99 for a 12-month subscription on Quicken.com. These prices change frequently, so look around for the best deal you can find.) If you buy from a  retailer, you will get an activation code; log into your account on quicken.com and enter the code, and your subscription will be updated. Then launch Quicken 2018, and it should detect the subscription and immediately offer you a download of the current version. (You can also open Quicken 2018 and on the Help menu use the Enter Activation Code menu option.)

    Having covered that information, I'll just briefly reiterate what's been written above: Quicken 2019 cannot sync transactions back and forth between two computers. However, many people do achieve what you want that old fashioned way, moving the Quicken data file back and forth between two computers. The crucial key is that you only move a compressed (.zip) copy of the data file, or a backup generated by Quicken (which is a variant of the .zip version). This prevents file corruption which can occur moving an un-compresed copy of the data file between machines. As for actually moving the file, you can do it via a flash drive, by using file sharing between the two Macs, or by using an online cloud storage service like iCloud or DropBox. No matter how you do it, you'll need to insure that you always quit Quicken on Computer A, move the compressed data file to Computer B, use Quicken on Computer B, quit Quicken on Computer B, move the data file back to Computer A, etc. As long as you can devise a system to insure you will always open the latest data file on whichever computer you're using, and not leave Quicken running on the other computer, you can make this work.
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