Where can I find good Quicken tutorials at?


I just purchased Quicken 2019, and I am looking for a place to learn more about how to use Quicken. I have been looking at the Quicken White-pages on their learn and support tab, but I learn better when I have videos or maybe even an online class.

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  • RickO
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    Go to YouTube and search for Quicken's video channel
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  • hatchett
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    Quicken has become too complex. HELP GUIDES and FAQ's do NOT answer the specific questions that I have. Whne I stopped using Quicken about 6 years ago, it was still simple enough I could do it on my own. Now it requires a degree to operate. There are NEVER answers to the specific questions that I have. It would be nice if someone had college classes available. At the very least, having someone who wants to give me tutoring for the first 8 hours relearning it would be great. After all, the set up is the most important part.
  • jacobs
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    @hatchett I understand your feeling that the program has become more complex, but I'd suggest that it's more that it's changed than that it's more complicated. After all, Quicken 2019 actually doesn't have all the features and bells & whistles of the legacy Quicken 2007. But the user interface has changed considerably, and while the concepts are mostly unchanged, how to accomplish tasks has changed. I'd say it doesn't require a degree to operate, but it does require some re-learning and practice. 

    Most of us don't love change. Every time a program I use has an update, I groan at the thought of having to learn new ways of doing things I've been doing satisfactorily. Sometimes those changes turn into pleasant surprises -- enhances that actually make it easier to do my work; sometimes they require unlearning and re-learning years of muscle memory. Any yes, it is lamentable that software companies -- pretty much all of them -- deem user manuals unnecessary and expendable. And I'm not aware of any national companies that offer Quicken training sessions, although in specific locales you might find someone who can do training/consulting for hire.

    This user-to-user forum is a good place for specific questions; the more clearly you can articulate what you need to know how to do, the more likely someone here can help you through it. Even if you can say "I used to do this in Quicken 2007; how do I accomplish that in Quicken 2019?" there's a good chance you'll get an answer that will help you.

    Best wishes.
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