Recombine Previously Split QM2007 File in Quicken for Mac


I've been using QM2007 for decades and have finally decided to go to the new Quicken Mac. Unfortunately, due to the transaction limits in the old QM2007, I needed to split my data file into pre-2000 and post-2000 files (using the built-in function for this purpose). Both files have the same accounts in them.

Is there any way to recombine these two files so that I again have one datafile in the new Quicken? I've tried importing one into the other before about a year ago, but when I did the transactions were not combined into the accounts with the same name, and I ended up with, for example, CHECKING and CHECKING1, each with the transactions from the respective file, instead of having the transactions combined into the original account named CHECKING.

Has anyone out there had success with this? Thanks!

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