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Looking for better solution than Quicken w Excel for tracking options trades/portfolio/performance. I have Deluxe 2017 - not sure if 2019 would offer any extras.

Example, I have 100 shares of AMZN which I write calls on (covered call strategy) and each Call is added into Quicken as a new security (because it is a new security) and is closed out when it expires/assigns. So for me to get a actual COST of AMZN itself (considering the underlying share price, any dividends, all premiums received) I have to track in Excel.

When tracking short puts - I am having to keep a the separate "actual" cost in Excel instead of Quicken so that the cash/investment transaction is not altered. IE. Short put for MMM @ 175 for $4.50, actual cost of underlying 3 M shares is $170.50 and not assigned price of $175. Though the transaction in my brokerage account needs to record $17,500 for the lot rather than $17,050.00 - thus tracking separately in Excel

I hate to think I am jumping through these hoops if there is a database option out there for what I am trying to do. It's not a unique strategy, so I imagine there is something out there.

I'd like to be able to track all income received from the underlying equity in a single database - does anyone know if 2019 has this ability?

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  • smayer97
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    You are welcome to message me directly if you'd like to discuss anything in detail.

    BTW, new members in the forum cannot message directly. They need to attain a certain status first. 

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  • thecattlemanswife
    KO - its good to know that a newer version (or even current version) cannot do what I am seeking. The thought of a "solution" lurking out there always makes me crazy - helpful to know it's not there! So to track two cost basis; use Quicken for tax and Excel for trading - no Quicken based solution. (I do most of these in IRAs and ESAs, so tax basis is not that important)

    Jr - How are you creating "pseudo" securities? I thought about entering Covered Calls as dividends rather than actual security - but that seems like it would cause more problems with tracking MV and history of strikes/premiums. I searched for "Q" subscription, couldn't find - what is this? Is this research or tracking? Would be interested in another software like Quicken but for enhanced investment portfolio management, without the trading platform - as I do not need and just seems to complicate things even more. Looking for a Trading Journal I suppose - but a actual one and not the "free" ones with phone apps.

    Thanks for responses!!
  • Jim_Harman
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    Q is Quicken, subscription is shorthand for the current version.
    QWin Premier subscription
  • jr7107
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    Pseudo-securities, I create a generic position with no ticker and call it "AMZN Covered Call Option". And I could have multiple, I, II, III, IV etc. When I download the transaction, I match the option position to the pseudo position. I reuse that position after expiry, assignment or sale/cover. This ways option securities don't pile up in my Security List, and I can still track what I need to in Quicken (I shorten it to Q or QWin). The option ticker is tracked in the memo field if you need to review. Given the nature of options likely you have a trading platform to monitor.

    I use Q to track cash and shares. For tax I use software called Trade Log. Not advice or endorsement, just what I use.
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