Why do my bank accounts (USAA is my bank) indicate "Connectivity error: Swipe to fix."?

Oddly, despite the warning, the data appears up to date, but I assume this is data pulled from the cloud sync. To date, I've been unable to fix the issue by "swiping" and entering the login, password and PIN. Believe me, I've tried again and again to be sure I didn't enter the information wrong. I was wondering that since USAA requires the user to enter their individual identification number and PIN for Direct Connect, that maybe this might be the issue?

Thanks in advance for any advice or remedies to this issue provided.

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  • norvanl62
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    Thanks Tyka. You're right. I was able to clear up the issues with checking and saving by running through the deactivate/reactivate instructions. I think my credit card account may require a call to USAA. It may be that my efforts at trouble shooting may have triggered USAA to lock it down (not a bad thing from a security standpoint :) Anyway, that'll have to wait til next week, but for now, thanks for the help provided by the community.
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