How do I export a report into Excel or CSV format

I used to be able to export my reports into various formats, but with the Home and Business 2019 version I seem to have lost that. I can create and delete reports, but I can't export any of the data. Has this function been removed for some reason, or am I just not finding the function in the UI?

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  • Horsefeathers
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    Adding to my question above: I'm trying to export the "Year to date spending" report. All other reports seem to have the Export button.
  • jacobs
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    First, I want to make sure this is about Quicken Mac. There is no Home & Business-specific version for Mac.

    There is also not a stock report called "Year to date spending". Is this, perhaps, a report you created and named?

    All the reports on the Reports menu underneath "New Report" are old reports that carried forward from the predecessor Quicken Essentials product. They've been enhanced somewhat over time, but still have a lot of limitations. Some can be exported; some can't. They're not very configurable. 

    The developers have been working on an all-new reports engine for the past two years. "New Report" on the menu is the current gateway to the new reports engine. (The developers have said this will be made clearer in an upcomign update, and eventually the old reports will likely go away once the new reports can replicate all the old ones.) All reports created with the new reports engine can be exported. 

    It is easy to create a YTD spending report and export it:
    • Reports > New Report
    • Transaction
    • Rows=Category
    • Click Create Report
    • Click Customize
    • Set date range to Year to Date
    • If you wish to only include spending from certain Accounts, click Accounts and de-select the ones you don't want included.
    • Click Categories and deselect all Income categories if you want the report to contain only expenses
    • Click OK
    • If you wish, click Columns if you want to add any additional columns, such as Check # or Memo/Notes
    • Click Export > Export to CSV File

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  • Horsefeathers
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    Firstly, yes there is a Home & Business version for Mac, but I guess I forgot to say it's the Canadian version. it's Home & Business (Canada) 2019, Version 5.11.2, macOS 10.14.4. Secondly, no it's not a report I created. It's the one that opens when you select "Spending Over Time" from the Reports drop-down. You can customize it all you want, but there is no option to print or export. I did create a new report as you describe above, but it doesn't actually look the same as the stock one.
  • smayer97
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    Yes, regarding H&B level subscription, good description. Quicken really ought to make this clear!
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  • jacobs
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    smayer97 said:
    Yes, regarding H&B level subscription, good description. Quicken really ought to make this clear!
    I agree. However… I'd note that if you go to, click on Mac, there is no column for a Home & Business product, and there is no option to purchase a Home & Business subscription.

    The only way you can buy it is to go to the Windows section of the website, buy it, and then decide to download the Mac application. 

    Similarly, if buying from a retailer, the Home & Business version is clearly labeled as Windows, not Windows & Mac. For instance, here it is on Amazon...

    …and everything from the Box cover to the Platform description to the choices of version at the bottom are pretty clearly Windows (or PC) and exclude Mac.

    So the only people who can get confused about having "Quicken Mac Home & Business" are those who purchase the subscription for Windows and decide to convert to or test of the Mac application, which is included in their subscription at no extra cost.

    Still, it would help if Quicken did two things: (1) Put a line on to state "There is no Home & Business application for Quicken Mac", and (2) in the "About Quicken" dialog box in the Mac application, instead of displaying "Home & Business 2019" it should label it Premier or have a disclaimer that the Home & Business subscription corresponds to Quicken Premier on the Mac.
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