Did Classes simply just disappear?

Hi. I am new here, so sorry of this has been asked (I could not find it, the search here is awful), but did Classes from Quicken 2007 just disappear? These were VERY important when Quicken stopped properly importing to Turbo Tax.

So since I have already updated and stared entering new data, I noticed today that all my class informaiton is missing.

What exactly are people doing for classes? These were very useful for generating tax reports at year end, especially in a two person home, where expenses in a category for one person need to be reported separately from the other. How is this done now?


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  • MakorHavoc
    MakorHavoc Member ✭✭
    Thank you, I will check that out. I did not guess that name. But I see them now. And it looks like the import filled them in from classes in 2007.

    Appreciate the help.
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