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I have used Quicken 2007 with great success but used up the transaction file. Tryin 2019 but it has no reports, no custom options, no way to investigate prices on securities over time. It is really quite useless so far. Please consider improving this. Or tell me how to get back transactions on my quicken 2007!

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    Quicken 2007, as you likely know, is no longer supported software. I've also run into the full transaction file problem. You either have to delete transactions manually or use Save a Copy to exclude transactions older than a certain date. But trying to hold onto Quicken 2007 with your data split into two files is probably not the best option for most users.

    Quicken 2019 has lots of reports, although not as many as Quicken 2007, and the new-generation of reports which is being developed to replace the original reports are fairly significantly customizable. There currently aren't pre-defined reports for investments, but you can in many cases create the report you want by manipulating the filters and views to get the data you want onscreen, and then print it. While it may lack certain features you would find desirable, or perhaps necessary, it is hardly "useless" to most people.

    If you'd like help with how to construct a particular report, post back with more details about what you're looking for.
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    I am looking to be able to do a couple things.

    I am looking for Internal Rate of Return reports that can customize to dates, accounts, and securities.

    I am looking for the capability to see portfolio balances on specific dates

    I am looking to find and edit security prices.

    I am looking to create customized comparison spending reports, customized by category and time as well as time intervals.

    These are a few things from 2007 that I have not been able to find yet on 2019.

    If you can assist with these things I would be thrilled.

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    Great advice so far! I am making progress!!
    Got another question. Is there a way to import transactions from my 2007 file into my new existing 2019 file?
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