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Joseph Hanna
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There should be a budget report that includes the rollover amounts.

The columns on the report would be:
1. Category
2. Rollover From Prior Month
3. Current Month Budgeted
4. Total Budgeted for Current Month (Prior month rollover + current month budgeted)
5. Actual
6. Difference
7. Rollover to Next Month

All totals and subtotals would remain as they are for the current budget reports.

Add advanced filters to create rollover reports.
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  • UKR
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    The only report currently available in Quicken for Windows 2019 is to print the Annual View from the Planning / Budgets tab directly. It includes Rollover Amounts, when enabled for a category, as part of the monthly Balance column.
    Click File / Print Budgets or press CTRL-P.
    Select Landscape format from the printer selection view.
    If available, select 8.5*14" Legal size (or larger) paper from the Printer Properties menu button.
    The report may not be very good at making optimal use of the page width. It might be better if you exported the report to Excel and used it to reformat the columns as needed.
  • Joseph Hanna
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    The method you described does not include rollover amounts. There are only three columns for each month: Budget - Actuals - Balance.
    The Balance column does not accumulate the unused amount from month to month.
    For example:
    January 2019 I budget $50.00 for a category and have "Rollover Positive Amounts" selected. I spend zero on that category in January. February 2019 I budget $50.00 again, spend zero in February. The balance column for February 2019 should read $100.00 but the report reads $50.00.
    The balance amount when looking at the Planning: Budget tab shows a $100.00 balance for February, as it should.
    The budget reports still do not include rollover amounts.
  • UKR
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    Have you checked to make sure that January started with a $0.00 rollover and not some amount that rolled over from last year?
    In this example, there were $17.70 rolled over from December.
    Edit and set to $0.00 if you don't want that.
    As to the report generator, nobody has made any changes to it yet.
  • Joseph Hanna
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    Thank you for your responses.
    Yes, January starts with $0.00.
    I have previously posted on the subject of budget reports ignoring rollovers.
    <a rel="nofollow" href="https://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/20045961#Comment_20045961" title="Link: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/20045961#Comment_20045961">https://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/20045961#Comment_20045961</a>;
  • Joseph Hanna
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    Can we have a budget report that includes the rollover amounts?
  • wdom
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    @joseph Hanna - I agree with you that Quicken should provide us a budget report or another format that includes rollover amounts. Hopefully you can manage all rollovers in 1 screen (similar to YNAB) instead of having to go to another screen to adjust your budgets.
  • Trakie1
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    I'd really like to hear from a Quicken Rep here. Users have been asking for this for so long, and this is SUCH an easy lift. There are multiple solutions that would each only require one sprint from a small dev team. Here, I'll even write your user story: As an end user, I should be able to export or print a report that states the current rollover balance of each category, month over month (similar to the account balances report or the Budget vs. Actual reports) so that I can print the report, copy the report to my clipboard, export the data to Excel, .cvs or.pdf, and save the report to My Saved Reports.
    As an end user, I should be able to select the "Rollover Balance" as an optional added column on the Budget Report so that these amounts are included when I print or export the report.

    Would love to know when you will get to this. Many years is not acceptable.
  • MikeTasha
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    Agreed, whats with the delays associated with fixing rollover balances everywhere?
  • NotACPA
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    @joseph hanna  The previous thread, that you referenced was in a QMac thread.  This one is in a QWin thread. Which are you actually running?  Also, please update your profile with this info.
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    QWin, sorry should have added that