I have been using Quicken 2007 for years. I don't need, or want, to connect to my bank. Can I inst

install Quicken 2019 and not lose my 2007 with all its data?

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  • Katy3
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    Can I install 2019 and not lose my Q 2007?
  • Katy3
    Katy3 Member ✭✭
    Thank you!! Lots of detailed useful information - I’m thinking I will purchase Quicken 2019 &
    Downloading it to my new Mac laptop. So, I will use it parallel to my desktop Quicken 2007
    Which still works fine for my purposes. But, I would like to email reports to my accountant,
    Which I understand the Q 2019 version can do.
    Thanks again!
  • NotACPA
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    As an aside, IIRC, QM2007 will NOT run on Catalina. And the conversion of your QM2007 data file can NOT happen on Catalina either.
    SO, you need to convert to a more recent version of QM before you upgrade to Catalina, if you intend to do so.
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