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Quicken Support asked me to post this here for the developers. Please either go back to the old green and red color scheme for the "Income vs. Expenses" graph, or allow us to customize this particular color scheme ourselves in the Quicken subscription software. The current color scheme of baby puke green and 'go see a doctor' yellow is atrocious, and I've seen multiple threads over the years asking for this change. It's a simple fix, so please, make it happen.
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  • Couldn't agree more with NTPanaccio. The puke green and yellow ARE atrocious, and I can't understand why a software "upgrade" would result in this particular chart being called out for a change. The \Preferences\Colors\Graph and Chart Colors Theme settings don't seem to do anything (at least with this particular graph). PLEASE don't make us suffer through the puke green and yellow for too long!
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    I just upgraded from Quicken 2017 Premier to a Quicken Premier 2020 Subscription and the graph colors have changed in a few graphs to an ugly Orange and Brown(?) from Green and Red (logically correct). Two specific graphs are Income vs Expenses and the Investment Performance Graph.

    I tried to customize the colors to get the Green/Red back, but it had no effect on the Income and Expense and Investment Performance graphs.

    Is there a way to get Green and Red colors back? If not, it would be greatly appreciated if Quicken does something to allow users to get back to where we were (in Quicken 2017 for example).
  • Amen to this thread!!! Talk about baby diaper colors!!! Oh my goodness!

    I've tried resetting colors and it removed the obnoxious orange across the header but please give me back my basic Red / Green colors for my Income vs. Expense graph and the nice green bars back on my Portfolio Value vs. Cost Basis chart!

    When I worked for Intuit supporting Quicken over a decade ago, this would have been called out in alpha and beta testing... C'Mon Quicken! Get your act together!

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  • llepore52llepore52 Member
    YES - I agree colors are awful. You can reset your graph colors in Reports > Preferences > Colors and it will reset most (but not all) of the graphs. The worst offender is the Income/Expense graph. ITS AWFUL. Must be a coding error as other graphs seems to change colors when you customize graph colors. Just adding to he thread so Quicken sees this and fixes the issue!!!!! PLEASE....the yellow and brown is horrible.

    There is a secondary problem in customizing graphs - that is it hangs when saving any changes after customizing. Every time I try to customize anything in a graph, when I exit, Quicken hangs and the main quicken screen is grayed out. Nothing is left open yet it's still grayed out and I have to use Task Manager to end the task. Quite a pain. Has anyone else had this issue?
  • llepore52llepore52 Member
    It would be nice if they would give us three options to customize the colors in the graphs >
    Old Default
    New Default
    I personally think the new default is awful and want our old colors back.
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