Why does the new release of Quicken Mac not transfer things in the Memo from Quicken 2007 Mac

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I just had everything transferred in, as as with previous versions of Quicken updates. the import process for older versions of Quicken (specifically 2007) is essentially FLAWED. Why would I want to import transactions without what I had put in the memo. Instead you wipe the memo out and put what you want to put in it - which has no meaning to me whatsoever. AND why would you not document properly where I placed the transfers - instead you left that blank. This is my initial reaction. It ruins my ability to write meaningful reports of the past in comparison to the present. And if I do not have a copy of any old transactions on paper or in PDF, I have essentially LOST all that memo history. Really,


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    So far though I think everything from the 2017 version opened up fine. (I had to delete everything prior to 2014 (basically 14 years of transactions) because of the 2015 update totally ruined any 2007 imports. Not only that I lost 6 months of transactions across 2007 accounts because of that 2015 update - I was not happy at that time and at least it does not appear that the file was corrupted this time, just missing information that I really would like to have -for example so I can search for a word - and know when I purchased a specific item and from whom... Valuable when looking at warrantees, when deciding whether to replace or repair items., etc...
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    So, something about Quicken opened up automatically this morning... Wondering did you do it? It stated that the files would be updated and took a few minutes. I did see that memo was fixed - and checked in all areas, I think it is ok now. - Recognized that there is probably some corruption in the files still, but don't know if you can fix that - could be from the way past. Interesting - Please warn me when you are doing that. There was also a note that stated I should consider encryping my entire hard disk. Did you send me this as part of it?????
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    @karenaa15  You're writing your notes as if you're talking directly to the program. ;) Please understand that this forum is mostly a user-to-user support forum, with occasional posts my a member of the Quicken team. If you need help with a specific issue, you can either contact Quicken Support or you can post a question here. Quicken Support is free for users with a currently-supported product (Quicken 2017 and Quicken Subscription), via either chat support (24x7) or phone support (12x5).

    For this forum, it's generally best to start a new topic for each separate issue, and explain in as much detail as possible what you're having trouble with. I've read your notes above and I'm not sure I follow between your references to Quicken 2015, Quicken 2017 and now, nor what specific issue(s) you're currently facing. Folks here are happy to try to help, and to help us help you, always start by identifying what version of Quicken you're using now, and then what you've done and the problem you're having. 
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    Just to be sure, there IS a problem with the import of the memo fields from QM2007 in some circumstances... especially if the memo field was altered on one side of transfers, which is allowed in QM2007, but in "modern" QMac both sides are always mirrored.

    Marcus, the product manager, has asked me for more documentation on this, and although I supplied what should have been enough, I have not had time to delve into it more yet. I hope to circle back on that again. Note sure what they have already identified and fixed.

    As for transfers, be sure to have the "Transfer" field visible in registers to be able to see them more clearly.

    Beyond, that, I echo what @jacobs says that there needs to be more clarity as to what your issues are.

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    Felt the new announced program for Mac which has no clear identifier though I assume 5.xxx was asking for input. In the community. So gave input. Identified other previous releases for Mac by their year. Will attempt to get a person. I was commenting on concerns regarding the 2007 conversion program when importing accounts. Seems ok now.
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