I tried but failed to move data from Quicken 2017 Mac to Quicken 2020 Windows

JmDrew Member
I exported Mac 2017 data and imported in 2020 Windows. Unfortunately, it failed to import all my investment data (401k, funds, stock, and 529) and some other.
In addition, my checking/Saving/Credit accounts are missing hundreds of transactions and messing up all my balance.

I chatted with customer service (agent name: Jose), and he said..
"the only way to fix it is to enter the missing data manually." and "We always recommend to start a new file every year to avoid these type of issues and yes we are aware that there is data loss when converting the file."

This is the most ridiculous customer service response I have ever heard.
I have been using Quicken since 2007, which means I have 12 year worth data. How can I fix manually?
and what is the point to use financial management program (not even free) if I need to make new file every year?

Guys, I really need help. Does anyone know how to fix this? Customer service is not really helping.. I really need help.

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