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Is it possible to turnoff the auto-recall feature to prevent pre-filing a "new" transactions? Nighty percent (or better) of my transactions are new transactions. I do not want Quicken to use the last (previously) entered transaction information (e.g., amount, categories splits, memo, notes, etc.) to pre-fill a "new" transactions.

For those transaction that reoccur frequently with the "same transaction information", I use Bills & Income setup those transaction.

For my new transaction, I spend most of my time and energy deleting the amounts, categories, memo, notes, etc.) from the prior transaction before I can even start entering the "new" transaction information.

This has gone from frustrating too annoying. Undoubtable, there's a way to prevent this.

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  • jacobs
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    Two comments:

    First, you shouldn't need to spend any time deleting amounts and categories. Whether there is something in the fields or nothing in the fields, you just enter what the news transaction should be. For instance, when you tab to the Amount field, if there's a value pre-filled from a previous transaction, it's auto-highlighted, so you don't have to delete it, you just type the new value, which will replace it. Same with the Memo/Notes field; if you want no Memo/Note, it takes one press of the Delete key to remove the old one, which is auto-highlighted, and if you want a new one, just start typing and it will delete the old one and replace it with what you're typing. So while eI can understand you might not want these fields auto-filled, it really shouldn't be requiring you much extra time or work.

    Second, you should be able to make it work the way you'd like it to when they release the promised Quickfill or memorized transaction feature -- which we've been led to believe will be out within weeks.
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