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I am not yet a user and am currently evaluating whether Quicken can meet my needs. Here's my scenario:

I have someone enter and encode my transactions. They work remotely. So I need quicken to be in 2 devices working on the same file through cloud sync.

Can Quicken do this?

If not, can a solution be McGyvered for my requirement?


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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Yes and no and yes...

    You cannot store your Quicken data file in the cloud (Dropbox, iCloud, etc.) so multiple people can use it. It might initially work, but it's not supported and users somewhat regularly report problems that are due to trying to do this.

    However, you can use the Quicken mobile app or the web interface to enter data into Quicken's cloud servers, which will sync with your desktop copy of Quicken. From your brief description, it sounds like having someone remotely enter your transactions via the web interface might work for you.

    The other alternative is to move a compressed copy of your data file back and forth between computers. This is often a viable approach for users who want to take Quicken on a laptop when traveling, for example, but likely wouldn't be a good workflow for the scenario you describe. 
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  • That's great news and thank you for the informative response.

    When I read about the web app, I didn't see that you could enter transactions but you could view them. I read again and I saw a line out of many stating you can enter transactions. And you just confirmed it. Points to you and quicken.

    I was just a bit concerned because these days I tend to prefer cloud apps over desktop only apps. Thanks!
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    If you prefer cloud apps, and depending on the amount of sophistication you need, you may want to check out a new service Quicken is gearing up to launch called Simplifi ( It's completely separate from the legacy Quicken Mac and Windows desktop products. It's completely new, is still being refined under development while they're letting people try it for free. (The assumption is that it will be a paid service in the future.) Simplify is a competitor to Mint, the online service from former Quicken parent Intuit.

    There are some Quicken users who passionately insist that none of their financial and account data is ever stored in the cloud, and some users who would love to be able to access their data in the cloud wherever and whenever; Quicken is trying to serve both groups by having two separate products, one desktop based (albeit with a mobile/web interface for certain functionality) and one completely cloud based. 
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  • Thanks Jacobs. I actually tried that but they only cater to US and Canada. :(
  • I don't know why when the very essence of cloud is develop once run everywhere
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Dealign with financial institutions in the US and Canada is a pretty overwhelming -- and often not terribly successful -- proposition; I don't think they have the resources to deal with financial institutions in other countries.

    You should be aware Quicken desktop is also only sold to/supported for US and Canadian users as well, but users in other countries have found ways to purchase it and then use it manually without connecting to banks. I'm pretty sure you won't be able to download the Quicken mobile app if you use an App Store outside the US and Canada; I'm not familiar if the web interface in some way blocks you in other counties.
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  • I guess this already is a show stopper for me. For me being able to connect to banks is a luxury feature I could live without. Most important for me are the core features. But if they decide to make it hard for people outside US and Canada to use it just because it can't connect to banks we have here then it's their loss. Thanks for the help and information guys!
  • UKR
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    what country are you located in?
    What will you be using Quicken for? Strictly personal banking and investment transactions? Or will you be running a business requiring accounts payable and accounts receivable and perhaps inventory or payroll management.
    In the latter case, AFAIK, Quickbooks has international versions available for some countries. 

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  • Paul Kleeberg
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    edited January 2020
    My solution to using Quicken Mac 2007 was to dedicate a machine in my home with fixed intranet and internet IPs and screen share to use and enter data. Worked great for my wife and me to use at home from our own machines and also for me when I was on the road. Downside was we could not be working on it at the same time. Did this for years.

    This new method sounds intriguing. I am one of those reluctant ones to share my personal stuff in the cloud but could change my mind if it adds value. I note I have the ability to turn this on in Quicken 2020 => preferences => Mobile & Web. Will this allow my wife and me to do things simultaneously? Is this included in my Deluxe copy or is it an additional charge? Is there a demo that I can watch or can I try it on a non-essential file to see how it works and then migrate to my working dataset?

    So many questions.....

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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Paul Kleeberg  If the "new method" you're referring to is the mention above of Quicken's new Simplifi product, it's completely separate from Quicken's legacy desktop products. So not only isn't it included in your subscription, it can't import data from your Quicken desktop file (or visa versa).
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