Quicken Mac 2007 Crashes On Export To .QIF File

ThriftyDillo Member
Quicken 2007 is crashing when I try to Export to a .QIF file. It also has random crashes when I try to generate certain types of reports. I assume this means that there is some sort of file corruption. Is there a utility which can repair my data file?

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  • I'm using Quicken 2007 v16.0 - R1 and trying to import the data into Quicken essentials 2010 v1.7.4. After rebuilding the database as you suggested, I was able to export a .QIF file, but Q 2010 does not recognize it for Import or Convert. The same applies with an un-exported copy of the original file.
  • Yes, I'm running Snow Leopard w/Rosetta for Q 2007 (my latest OS in use is Mavericks), but I tried the export on a PPC as well and it still failed. BTW, while the Q 2007 export didn't crash the program when reading over a network, it did do so locally both in Snow Leopard and Tiger. I'm still thinking I have a corrupted database. Is there anything else I can try to rebuild the database?
  • OK, that worked :smiley: I was able to use the import utility in Q 2010 to bring the old data in w/o having to export from Q 2007. Thank you both so much for your help!
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