Error in balance on some filtered views on certain account (Q Mac)

erniealvero Member
I enter transactions manually on banking cash account. Balance amount on last 12 months, last 90 days, last 60 days, and last year views are correct. However, balance amount on last month, year to date, month to date, quarter to date, this year, last 30 days, last 14 days, and last 7 days views are incorrect. It has nothing to do with account reconciliation since balance amount on 12/31/2019 is correct.


  • This error shows up in running balance total. Overall balance amount listed for account is correct.
  • MFred1105
    MFred1105 Member
    I have a Mac. My "running" balance is only accurate when viewed by "Year" and never when I view "Monthy" (which is my preference). The "Monthly" data shows a greatly inflated balance...which is not the case! I get no satisfaction whatsoever with Quicken's Chat.
  • smayer97
    smayer97 SuperUser, Mac Beta, Canada Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    @MFred1105 where are you seeing this? Where are you selecting view by year vs month?
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  • DonWags
    DonWags Member
    Same issue with Quicken Mac (subscription) - setting view to anything less than 30 days on one of my accounts used to show incorrect balance. Then I had to up it to 60 days, now I have to up it to 90 days (or more). All other accounts don't have this issue, except for this one credit card account.
  • DonWags
    DonWags Member
    Actually, just noticed today that it is now happening to my checking account in the register as well. This is troubling - balance in register should not change for any given date when filtering the view from "All Dates" to any other time period, balance should remain the same in the register!
  • DonWags
    DonWags Member
    Okay, think I figured it out. There were scheduled transactions in the accounts that somehow weren't showing up in the views. Some were scheduled transactions that I had stopped because I discontinued those services, others were for scheduled transactions which I had entered manually because, for whatever reason, they weren't showing up anymore. I deleted those series of defunct scheduled transactions and the filtered views are now all correct. Found these "lost" scheduled transactions by checking "Bills & Income" tab.
  • You are correct. Skipping instances on the one scheduled transaction in the "Bills & Income" tab fixed the running balance problem. The scheduled transaction should show up in the view under the "Transactions" tab to give user the ability to skip the instance in that view. My running balance is now correct.
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