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How do I view previous reconciliations (Q Mac)

In macQ 2007, I was able to look at previously reconciled months. I need to be able to do it in the current version since there seems to be a discrepancy that I want to track down. In the older version it would allow me to select the statement period and I could reconcile it again. How do I do this in the current version?

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  • Paul KleebergPaul Kleeberg Member ✭✭
    edited January 3
    GOOD LORD! You are kidding me! We have needed to use it in the event of erroneous deletions or when accidentally moving a reconciled transaction to a different account. If something like that does happen, is there at least a notification of the discrepancy?

    I can see from your "sig" why you are still using Quicken Mac 2007! This version is glitzier but has several key features omitted. This is one. The ability to print out a budget in a readable format when planning AND the inability to create quarterly statements to budget are severe omissions. Have learned of a spreadsheet workaround, but really!
  • Paul KleebergPaul Kleeberg Member ✭✭
    I did vote. How do you continue to track in both without having to do double entry? I had tried downloading transactions in my early use of Mac Quicken but decided it was not worth the energy. Is that what you do? Do you also duplicate your budgets? Finally, why do you use the new version?

    Thanks for providing great support to me!
  • Paul KleebergPaul Kleeberg Member ✭✭
    Why does print budgets have 97 legacy votes and only one on the current list? Does that mean it is the lowest priority?
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Paul Kleeberg The "legacy" votes refer to votes when this forum was hosted on a different software platform. They couldn't automatically carry over the votes due to differences in the software, so the manual solution the moderators decided on was to record the votes from the old system as "legacy votes" in the thread titles. So you add legacy + current votes to get the vote total for a thread. Voting was easier on the old forum, so there seems to be less voting since the switch last February. In this case, only one new vote for this topic in 11 months.

    The raw vote total is only one of many factors the developers take into account when planning the roadmap for future features. They also add in feedback from their phone and chat support centers. And the developers have their own views on priorities, either to bring the Mac product closer to parity with the Windows product or to solve a problem/shortcoming they feel is worthwhile whether it has a large number of votes or not.
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