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Move transactiosn between investment accounts on Quicken for Mac 2020

I am trying to backfill historical transactions into a brokerage account since the Web Connect will only backfill transactions from two years. I have the account's historical transactions imported into a new brokerage account through a QFX import and now wish to move them into the active broker account. I have done this all the time for checking and savings accounts by just dragging the transactions (or duplicating and then dragging), but it appears that Quicken doesn't allow the most of the transactions to be moved (the not allowed symbol appears over the mouse when you try to drag them and nothing happens). Interestingly, I can still move some transactions between the two brokerage accounts like transfers from the bank, so it's really only transactions that are buying / selling assets or reporting a dividend that it won't let me move.

There is this article in the help https://www.quicken.com/support/move-transactions-between-quicken-accounts for how to move transactions between brokerage account for PC but there doesn't seem to be a similar option on Mac?

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