Screen turns black when I backup to my external drive

Wondering if anyone else is getting a totally black screen when manually backing up data? I am using Quicken R23.17 Build Just started happening in the past couple of weeks. It doesn't crash and the file appears to be on my external hard drive, but it is odd that the screen is turning completely black when it never did that before. The popup box comes up that says it was successful so that is the same. Haven't tried starting Quicken from the backup just to see if it actually is fine though. The automatic backup still just shows the white box on the screen before shutting down.


  • Monica
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    I have this happen as well but it doesn't save, I get an error message, and Quicken crashes.
    Using Quicken Deluxe, version R.24.11, Build - For Windows 10
  • Jeff Nicoll
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    I've been having this problem for a while now - I would guess at least a year.  I'm on a Quicken Premier subscription as of November 2019.  Before that I had Quicken Premier 2017.  I don't recall if the black screen showed up there or not.  I always back up to a Flash drive.  And the backup always works.  This is just a little disconcerting since I have my entire financial history for the last 20 years in Quicken.  There was a time when Quicken NEVER crashed or did anything odd, but that was quite a while ago. 

    I have 2 monitors.  I just backed up and had this problem.  I moved Quicken to the other monitor.  That one also went black during the backup. 

    I was having another problem a couple of months ago that caused me to Validate and super-Validate several times during the troubleshooting process.  I don't recall what that issue was, but the black screen during backup was not affected - it still happened and happens. 

    In searching for this issue just now, I saw a posting that said the black screen is just because Quicken is busy and can't keep up with updating the screen.  That sounds like a bad excuse to me.  No other software I've ever used, for home or work, has ever had that problem.  To test this, I made the Quicken window as small as it would let me (Quicken limits how small you can make its window)  and ran another backup.  Only the Quicken window went black.  This is new information to me - I've never seen this mentioned before.  I made the Quicken window larger but not quite full screen and ran another backup.  Again, only the Quicken window, not the entire monitor, went black. 

    Anyway, Tyka, I hope this helps find a solution for this.  It does not affect the operation of Quicken, but for a tool we rely on with our sensitive information, having the screen go black doesn't give us the warm fuzzies. 

    If it matters:  Core i5-8250, 20GB RAM, Windows 10 Home, Build 19041.746, Quicken R314.8, Build 
  • Chris_QPW
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    If you want to see a similar "black window" try this.
    Help -> Log Files -> Cloud Sync Log

    I get a such a black window at least once ever other time I bring up the log.
    It is a big log, and what precedes the black window is a busy cursor.

    I see the black window on this a lot more often then say on backup, probably because I have super fast drives.  I have also seen it from time to time of One Step Update.

    I see you mentioned it happening during Validate or Super Validate, that would certainly be another time I would expect this to show up.
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