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This discussion form is for all the quicken web users who wish beyond wishing that Quicken would just listen and fix the little things on the Web and Mobile apps that drove my wife to say "I can't use quicken on the web anymore" because Finances are already hard and the little things that aren't working are like death by a thousand paper-cuts :s .

My realization :o
My realization that it really is the little things that makes people say "I love this product" or "I could see my self using that product". It is true you have to get the fundamental functionality right but what really keeps people coming back are the little things that make the software simple to use ever day.

I have a family of 6 and my wife and I have been using quicken for years. As a software developer and product owner for a big Investment bank, a CPA, and an avid quicken user I moved quickly to adopt Quicken's mobile app and then Quick on the web. The benefit of both my wife and I being able to work on the finances together clearing transaction meant we could do our finances much faster. What can I say we have lots of receipts to clear and the draw of getting it done twice as fast was alluring.

As we jumped in about 4 months ago we found that it really was great to both work on it together. BUT THEN THERE WERE THE LITTLE THINGS:

Please add to this post #TheLittleThings that are keeping you from loving quicken and lets make Quicken Mobile and Web Great again!

PS: If you have a great idea add it to the Ideas page with #TheLittleThings in the title and add the comment to the link below. This page can be used as a consolidator and discussion page to generate new ideas and discuss issues.

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