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Planning on updating Quicken Deluxe 2010 to 2017 version.
Would like not to copy 2010 files into 2017 but start fresh by manually adding current accounts. Some of the 2010 account information may go back several years. I don’t see any reason to keep carrying this information.
If necessary, to go back to any of the 2010 accounts would there be any way to do it?
Some of these backups go back years, is necessary to keep all of these backups or only the latest?


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    You would need to open all your Quicken data files in 2017 so they are converted to that version. Most SuperUsers recommend keeping all years of financial records in one data file.

    Quicken 2017 Online Services and Support expire on 4/30/20. Did you already have 2017 or were you planning on trying to purchase it?
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    Hi @Sam35 ,

    I recommend that you install Quicken 2017 and convert your Data File to Quicken 2017 format.
    Then do a Manual Backup of your converted file and keep for reference off of the Main Computer' Hard Drive.

    Then simply go File > New Quicken File > Click OK.
    Select the location for your New Quicken and give it a meaningful name, so you can find it easily, like Sam 2020 as an example.

    Quicken 2016, 2017 and Quicken Subscription Products, all use the same Data Format. No Data File conversion is necessary.

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    Each backup is a complete copy of the data file, so you only need to keep the last one, but I would keep several just in case there is something wrong with that one.
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    My questions have been answered.
    I want to thank all who responded with answers.
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